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    Good morning, favorite students! 

    When you've completed your Morning Warmup (check the front board), you may review the vocabulary words you have learned so far.  Please read the directions below:

    1.  Practice speaking 5-10 words on the list by yourself

    2.  Write 5 words in your notebook, with the English definition

    3. Write each word in a sentence.

    4. Find a partner to practice speaking each word in a sentence.

    I have created an ongoing Class Vocabulary List for you (the link to the document is at the end of this message). This list will be updated regularly to increase your learning.

    Reviewing the words on the vocabulary list will improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as these words have been used and will be used often in class.

    You may review our Class Vocabulary List here -  Fall 2022 - Ongoing Class Vocabulary    

    Thank you,                                                                                       point

    Mrs. Bondoc


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  • May 2022 


    Dear students,

    1. Next semester starts Wednesday, July 6.

      If you have already pre-registered in May with your Level 3 or Level 4 teacher, and you return to school by July 20 (you come to school between July 6 - July 20), go directly to your assigned class. 

      ***IMPORTANT:  If you can only come to school AFTER July 20, please register in the ESL office in Room A.  You will need to register for the new school year and take your first CASAS test (the CASAS pre-test) in the ESL office.


    Thank you,

    Mrs. B

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  • >> Practice your Mouse skills and your Typing skills <<


    1.  Click the link below to practice using the mouse on a computer

    OR to practice using your finger on the laptop mousepad:



    2.   Improving your typing skills is the next step to becoming more marketable in your job skills.

    Your learning goals for typing: 

    improve and increase your

    1. typing speed to 40+ WPM (Words Per Minute)

    2. typing accuracy to 100%.

    CLICK HERE >> The Typing Club 
    to take your placement typing test to help you practice your typing skills. 

    Happy practicing!

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