• Welcome to Mr. Chung's Distance Learning Classroom

    from now until April 3rd, check back here for daily lessons


    Standard Announcement Message

    All standard announcements will be posted through Google classroom. Go to classroom.google.com to access all the material and assignments on google classroom. When accessing your google classroom, make sure you are logged in through your school email or you won't be able to access google classroom or properly turn in assignments.


    Contact Information

    If you have any questions regarding the material or about the classroom, email me at the following email address. I will respond within 24 hours unless specified through google classroom due to technological issues.



    Virtual Office Hours

    Virtual Office Hours will be from 12PM - 2PM every Tuesday and Thursday.



    1. How will we know what our grades are?

    Your grades will be updated through Aeries as usual. All assignments and the credit you received will be posted on there. In addition, I will also provide grades through google classroom on the assignments you turn in. 


    2. How can we contact you about questions we have?

    Email me your questions as specified in the contact information above. I will also host office hours 12-2PM every Tuesday and Thursday as specified in the virtual office hours above.


    3. When will tests and quizzes be given?

    Tests and Quizzes will be given every Friday and the student will have a day to prepare and take the test.


    4. Where we can see what you have posted?

    All announcements and messages will be posted on google classroom. Urgent messages will be posted on this website as well in order to ensure all students receive the message.


    Updated Syllabus (reflecting distance learning)