• Welcome to Ms. Kadlac's Distance Learning Page


    Please see google classroom for details on assignments.

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  • Live FRQ Problem-Solving Sessions for AP Calc

    Wed 5/6 @ 2:30

    Fri 5/8 @ noon

    Sun 5/10 @ 7 pm

    Mon 5/11 @ 9 pm Final Questions!!!

    AP EXAM IS 5/12 @ 2pm EST


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  • Wednesday 5/6:

    p.4 AP Calculus AB: Do the 2020 Sample Problems and the 2019 FRQs 4 and 6. Make a unit-at-a-glance for each of the 7 units on the exam. Due: 5/11

    p.1,2,5 and 6 Precalculus: Complete Steps #1 to #3 of the Final Project on Modeling Periodic Data with Sinusoidal Functions Due: 5/12

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  • Assignments for Wednesday 4/29:

    AP Calc period 4: Do the Unit 6 & 7 frqs and watch and summarize the instructional videos on youtube from the college board. A quiz is available on 5/6.

    Precalculus pers 1,2,5,6: Catch-up on all previous assignments AND do 3 hours of Khan for extra credit.


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  • Assignments for Wednesday 4/22:

    AP Calc period 4: Do the Unit 5 frqs and watch and summarize the instructional videos on youtube from the college board. A quiz is available on 4/29

    Precalculus pers 1,2,5,6: Do the five assignments on fitting data to a sinusoidal model. A quiz will be available beginning 4/29.


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  • Assignments for Wednesday 4/15:

    p.4 AP Calculus: Complete FRQs for units 3 and 4 on AP Classroom. Quiz on Units 2 & 3 due 4/22

    p.1,2,5,6 Precalculus: Do the five assignments on google classroom about sinusoidal graphs. Quiz due 4/22

    DUE: APRIL 22nd at midnight. Submit all work on google classroom

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  • **Wed. 4/8** Students: Office hours on Google Meet will be 4 pm for Precalculus/Trig and 3 pm for AP Calculus AB! Please log in to Google Classroom to retrieve meeting code/link. You MUST do the survey that I will be posting on 4/8 in order to be counted "present." Remember, Wednesday is "math day" for distance learning! You participation is expected. :)

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  • **Wed 4/1** Please check Google classroom for assignments. Also, I will be holding Google Meet conference calls today 4/1 for students to ask questions or just say hi. Please see Google classroom for invitation codes. Period 1 will be at 8 am, period 2 at 9 am, period 4 at 11 am, period 5 at 1 pm and period 6 at 2 pm. Hope you are all doing well. :)

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  • AP Calculus AB Syllabus

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  • Precalculus/Trig Syllabus

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  • Ms. Meredith Kadlac

    email me

    Math Department, Ayala High School


    CP-Precalculus/Trigonometry Periods 1,2,5, and 6

    AP-Calculus AB Period 4

    ***Virtual office hours will be held via Google Meet on Wednesdays @ 3pm for AP Calc AB and 4pm for Trig/Precal. See Google classroom for further instructions***

    I can also be reached by email or instagram @kadlac_ayalahs any time throughout the day. I will try to respond within 24 hours or less.

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