• Welcome to Mr. Chu's Distance Learning Classroom

    from now until the end of the Semester, check back ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM for lessons, announcements, and assignments.


    Please use the existing Google Classroom and SchoologyThe same Google Classroom and Schoology we've been using all year long will be used during distance learning.  


    ATTENDANCE WILL BE RECORDED!  In order to count as attending school, you need to complete and submit an attendance assignment when it is Assigned and Due. 



    • Virtual office hours 
      • Tuesdays 8am to 10am

    **MUTE OPTION: During Google Meet sessions, all students are to select the “mute” option BEFORE entering the online virtual classroom. Please wait for the teacher’s instructions to select the “unmute” option.

    • Distance Learning Expectations
      • Proper etiquette should be followed during all virtual classroom conferences. Specifically, students should NOT use profanity, vulgar language, slang, inappropriate terms, or any derogatory/ offensive terms.
      • You are expected to wear appropriate dress attire (spirit gear highly encouraged). Students will NOT be allowed to be shirtless or wear any head gear. (includes caps, beanies, doo-rags, bandanas, hats, etc.).
      • Use of Technology: During virtual class meetings, students will only be allowed to use their iPad/ laptop device. Students are not to have other tech devices out during any of the virtual classrooms, this includes cell phones (turn them off to avoid any conference interruptions), air pods, Apple watches, or any gaming devices. Please be respectful to your instructors and fellow classmates. (Access to social media is not allowed.)
      • Background Noise: Make sure that you are in a quiet environment, without any distracting backgrounds. Please avoid having any music, television, or other distracting noises that can be heard in the background. (Try to set up a library-type setting).
      • Eating and drinking are not allowed during the virtual conferences, you may only drink water during the virtual conferences.
      • Be On Time/ Be Present and Proactive: Students should be “on deck” at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled virtual conference. Also,when participating in the virtual classrooms, make sure that you engage in the discussions, ask and answer questions, and fully immerse yourself in the online learning experience. This will serve as very helpful training for your future college courses and even potential careers. Start your online etiquette training now!
      • Cyberbullying will not be tolerated! Please refrain from making any negative verbal comments or posting any negative or inappropriate comments towards anyone, including faculty and students.
      • Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty: Students are to create and write their own work. Copying and pasting or words or screens verbatim will result in a plagiarism violation. Such violations will result in a grade of zero (for the plagiarized assignment), phone call
      • Respect: Please be respectful when interacting with your instructors and fellow classmates. Do not act in a disrespectful manner with other classmates or faculty, due to the fact that you are online and not in the classroom.
      • Dismissal from Virtual Classroom: Students who are removed from a virtual classroom as a result of a disruption, inappropriate comment, or other violations of the digital citizenship policies will face disciplinary consequences. Such consequences may include, but are not limited to, a parent phone call, deduction of grade for that course, and/or probationary status per the rules and policies outlined in the parent-student handbook.
    • Updated syllabus (reflecting distance learning)
      • There will be AT LEAST 1 major assignment (25 points) per week and UP TO 4 small assignments (5 points) per week.  All work will be submitted through either Google Classroom or Schoology as normal.
      • Assessments will be given every other week on Friday and will be available by 7:30am, and will be due Tuesday 7:30am through Schoology.
      • Please check Aeries for up-to-date grades.  Parents who want parent access to Google Classroom and/ or Schoology, please send me an email with "Parent Access" in the subject line, and the email you wish to use to access it.





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