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    Alright Ladies and Gentleman, It's the moment you've all waited for!!!

    Here is the link to the Ayala 2020 Theater Awards. Congratulations to the nominees and the winners. It's been a great year and I know I'll see great things come from every single one of you!!!



    (Auditions for Next Year) (Video’s Due by April 19th)

    Many of you have asked about the Audition process for next year during this time of uncertainty. What we are going to do instead of live auditions is online submission of an acting reel. An acting real is a snippet of one performing different acting monologues. So, in order to audition for Advanced Theater, Performance and Production or for one of the student leader positions. What you need to submit is a 3-minute video of your acting. One comedy and one drama monologue adding up to three minutes total. Upload it to YouTube and email me the link to the video along with which class you are interested in auditioning for. Me and the student leaders will view the video April 20th and post the class roster on the Google classroom and my Web page soon after that. E-mail me if you have questions!

    2nd Period (2 Student Leaders)

    3rd Period (2 Student Leaders)

    4th Period (2 Student Leaders)

    5th Period (Max 30 for Advanced Theater and 3 student leader)

    6th Period (Max 30 Performance and Production, No student leaders)


    March 30th Lesson (All Classes)

    Please watch the following two youtube videos.


    The one above is with Robbin Williams 


    The one above is Will Smith 

    These are the same song 20 years apart and in very different styles. Please find (at least) 5 choices the second video, the director made that were different from the first one. Explain why you think these changes might have been made. Which choices would you have made in their shoes? (500 Words - 1000 words), Due April 6th by 10pm on Google Classroom.


    April 6th Assignment (due April 13th at 10:00pm) (Intro to Theater)

    Hello Class, I hope you are well and I miss you all very much. For this week’s lesson we will be reviewing the elements of a story arc. Here is a link to a video of Death of a Salesman, one of the most famous plays written in the last hundred years written by Arthur Miller. It is a 2-hour video. Feel free to watch it from start to finish in one sitting, but if you want to take it in sections over the week you can do that too.  Once you have watched the whole thing, please answer the following questions. If the video will not load, all you need to do is log out of your school account to watch it, or it should work if you open youtube on a incognito mode tab. Let me know if you have any questions!


    Here is a link to the script if you would rather read it or use it for reference.



    • What is the Status Quo? (What is the world like at the beginning of the story for the main characters?)
    • What is the inciting incident for the story? (Inciting incident is the event that causes the start of the conflict for the rest of the story.)
    • What is the Climax of the story? (The Climax is the point when the tension is at it’s highest, the point when the story is at its most intense)
    • What is the falling action? (The Falling action comes after the climax and it’s the part that wraps up the events that just happened)
    • What is the New Status Quo? (What is the world going to be like for the characters who are left?)
    • How did you feel after watching the story?
    • What do you think was Arthur Miller’s reason for writing this play?

    Please turn it in on Google Classroom under the Assignment tab.


    April 6th Assignment (Due April 13th) (Advanced and Production and Performance)

    Hi students! I miss you all quite a bit and I miss teaching you about the theater world. For this week what I want you to do is to pick any of the videos in the playlist in the link below. They are from interviews with professional actors and all of them are pretty good, my favorite is with Anthony Hopkins, but you can pick anyone that interests you the most. They are quite long so you may watch the video in one sitting or feel free to watch it in sections over the week. After you finish, I want you to write a half page reflection about what you watched and submit it on Google Classroom.



    April 13th Assignment (Due April 20th) (All Theater Classes)

    We are in this together speech.


    This week I want us to create something motivating for the school and our community. It will also be a good chance to practice our speech writing ability. In Google Classroom is a power point of tips for speech writing. Read through it before you start this project.

    I want you to write a speech for your fellow students of Ayala High School. A motivational speech about keeping strong and keeping positive in this time of so much fear and stress. What you say in the speech is up to you. But I want it to end with “We are in this together”. All you need to do for this week is write it and upload the speech(500 Words)

    Next week I’m going to have you film yourself giving the speech and uploading it.

    What I’m going to try and do after that is clip all of your speeches together in a motivational montage with some inspirational background music and give it to the school to send aroound if they decide they would like to do that.


    April 20th Assignment (Due 4/27/20) (All Theater Classes)


    Hello Students, hope you all are doing well. For this week you need to film yourself giving the motivational speech you wrote. And upload it to the google classroom. A few things to remember while creating this video.

    • It shouldn’t look like your reading it from a sheet of paper. You should memorize it (it’s your own words and one page, it’s not that hard)
    • We’re putting all of these together and showing the school, so try and find a background that’s nice and wear something that’s nice or interesting if you can. (as long as it’s school appropriate then it’s fine, be creative)
    • Try and see the final product in your mind. The video is going to jump around from student to student after I edit it. When it comes to your part, you don’t want to be holding a piece of paper and wearing your PJ’s in front of a cloths pile.
    • Remember what we learned in theater; it applies to acting for the camera as well as acting on the stage. Don’t rush, be loud and clear, have meaning behind your word choices when you say them. Stuff like that.
    • If you have a really sentence speech without a lot of movement, then film up close where the audience can see you do all kinds of acting with your eyes. If your moving around and gesturing, then film a little further away.
    • If you don’t want your video to be used in the product I send to the school, then just tell me when you submit it and I will make sure not to use it.
    • Please try and upload it to the assignment section on google classroom. I do not want it coming in from email and remind and all the other ways because organizing them will be a nightmare.
    • If you have questions or concerns let me know and we’ll figure it out.


    April 27th Assignment  (Due May 4) (All Theater Classes)

    Hello Students. For this week I want us to review a little about the speech writing skills we’ve been working with the last two weeks. Below are two video links. One Is Dwaine Johnson talking about a coach who inspired him and the other is Morgan Freeman giving an award. After you watch the video of your choice, please answer the questions below and turn it in on the assignment section of google classroom. Note that you do not need to answer questions for both videos, you may pick one of them to write about. Also the power point from two weeks ago will be helpful for answering the questions.


    1) What is the Hook for the Speech?
    2) Is there any imagery, metaphors or strong word choice?
    3) Does the tension rise in the speech? Where does the Climax happen?
    4) How would you describe the Tone of the Speech? Why do you think that? Who is the speech's audience meant to be?
    5) How does the Speaker try and relate to audience?
    6) Did you notice any transition in the speech? Words to help guide the listener?
    7) How did the speech end with a bang? What was the last thought you're left with as a listener?


    List of Google Classroom Codes:

    Period 2 "Intro to Theater"

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    Period 3 "Intro to Theater"

    Class code: nardcaf

    Period 4 "Intro to Theater"

    Class code: mp6upq7

    Period 5 "Advanced Theater" 

    Class code: bmneewj

    Period 6 "Performance and Production"

    Class code: vvco66q