• Welcome to Mr. Gutierrez's Distance Learning Classroom

     Distance Learning Academic Year 20-21 begins on August 10th 2020.  

    Access to Google classrooms:

    . To access Google Classroom students need sign in to ClassLink click on the link below:



     .      To Learn how to log in to other school related accounts such as student e-mail and Microsoft Office applications.


    Student Expectations



    • Students are expected to log in to Google classroom and attend Google Meet with your instructor daily.
    • Attendance will be taken during Google Meet meetings daily. 
    • Students are expected to complete and submit assignments on Google Classroom in order to receive credit for work completed. 
    • Students need to contact teacher if help is needed to complete work or ask questions during Virtual Meetings.
    • Take advantage of Office hours to communicate with your teacher additionally. 
    • I will be checking my e-mail dalily, expect response by the end of the day.