• Welcome to Mrs. Molly Tseng's Distance Learning Classroom from now until April 13th. Please use the extended learning plan located  HERE (click on the link)

    Please check back here on April 14th for updates.




    • Contact information



    • Virtual office hours .

    Virtual Meetings from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM as assigned individually



    SPED Link: https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/page/28807





    Beginning on April 14th, in addition to your classroom teacher's webpage assignments, please click here to access Freclke program to support your learning. Your class code was emailed to you by March 29, 2020. You may take your convenient time to practice. The supplemental learning is like we have been using your work folder in room 5 which you can earn extra credits for making progress. Please email me if you have questions. Hope you will have fun with learning!



     **Click on the "Free Learning Websites" at the left box, you may explore more fun academic resources. Enjoy the games!


Last Modified on April 30, 2020