• Welcome to Mrs. Lara's 

    Distance Learning Classroom



    When submitting any ELA assignment, you may complete the

    assignment on a piece of loose leaf paper, google/microsoft document

    or notebook. When submitting the document, you may take a photo

    and send it, or share the google/microsoft document with me.

    Please be sure that however you send it, you include the

    the corrct file name on the top of the paper and in the email.

    All 2nd and 3rd submit work to Mrs. Lara's email.


    Virtual Office Hours: 8:00 a.m -10:00 a.m Monday - Friday

    Please CLICK on the TAB to the LEFT to view the

    Second Grade Distance Learning Protocols and Expectations.

    To Access online resources click on the links below:

    Instructions for my 3rd graders starting April 15th:

    For math go to Classlink to Pearson to find daily math lessons from me, Mrs. Lara.

    For Wonders  - Go to McGraw Hill ConnectEd on Classlink

    All of my students submit work to me by taking a picture of your work and sending it to my email.

    Thank you for all of your patience during this transition.

    3rd Grade only

    I am adding a list of steps to help locate and access the materials for Wonders

    1  log into classlink and click on McGraw Hill

    2  Click on 3rd grade Wonders book

    3   Select Class  - 2019-2020lara

    4   Should open up to a student book - click on green icon with lined paper

    5   At top of page - click on Resources -Stay on Find it

    6   Click on My Book - then click on books that correspond to daily assignments

    7  Click on "clear" button to exit out

    8   Skills Practices opens up: Vocab., Phonics/Spelling, Your Turn,etc.

    Click on one at a time as needed, then type in unit and week you are on into Search

    9  All pages open up for that unit and week that include other things to do

    Accessing Text Book Pages

    Open selected book to Table of Contents

    Find unit and week you are on  - Click on colored block that says Week of Unit..





    ELA:  Wonders

    Math:  Pearson Realize