• HW 10/15 Vocabulario 1B en el cuaderno

    Enter #16 in your cuaderno Vocabulario 1B A ver si recuerdas pg 42 in the textbook & 
    #17 Vocabulario 1B pg 68 in the textbook

    To find page 68, go to www.phschool.com, click the blue course content button.

    Click World Languages, click Textbook Companion Sites, click Realidades (the word, not the book), click Level 2 (the word, not the book), then click Repaso del capítulo under Capítulo 1B

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  • HW 10/11 Online jdd 0107 Test Preparation

    Due 10/14

    Students complete a 20 question test preparation activity online to prepare for chapter 1A test.  Scores provided when submitted online.

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  • HW 10/10 Chp 1A Review, Crossword and Organizer

    Due 10/11

    Workbook pages 14 & 15., Crossword and Organizer.

    Find workbook pages under the WORKBOOK tab

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  • HW 10/8 Work on group project of Las Reglas de la clase

    Due 10/10
    Work on group project tonight and bring your materials to work with your partner tomorrow.
    You will be given time in class tomorrow to work on the poster or to create your video.

    See the attached instructions for the project.

    Study cuaderno  #8-15! The Chp1A test is coming!

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  • HW 10/7 Vocabulary Practice Workbook pages 7-9

    Due 10/8

    Go to the WORKBOOK tab on the website and print out the workbook pages to practice the vocabulary.

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  • HW 10/3 Workbook pgs 12 & 13. Study for quiz on poem,

    Due 10/4

    Complete workbook pages 12 and 13 on Affirmative and Negative words.  

    Be sure to memorize the poem for tomorrow!

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  • HW 10/2 Cultivo una rosa blanca...

    Due 10/3

    Copy the poem by José Martí, Versos sencillos, 5 times.
    Be sure to memorize by Friday!
    Cultivo una rosa blanca...
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  • HW 10/1 Stem-Changing Verbs

    Due 10/2
    Stem-changing verbs p 28 Activity 16. Using the 6 subjects, combine with a stem-changing verb and an expression to create logical sentences.  You may have to add words to make the sentences logical.

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  • HW 9/30 Stem Changing Verbs

    Due 10/1

    Copy the information on Stem-changing verbs from the textbook pg.27 into #13 of your cuaderno.  Then complete workbook page 11.

    Workbook pages are located under the WORKBOOK tab.

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  • HW 9/25 Finish p23 Activity 5 and Mi horario mini-project due Thursday 9/26

    Mi horario Mini-Project due Thursday, 9/26
    Fold a paper into 6 sections.  Write/type the information in landscape orientation.  You will be describing six of your classes.
    1) First, write a sentence in Spanish to say what class you have during each period.
    2) Next, use the vocabulary to write a sentence in Spanish using tener que to tell what you have to do in that class.
    3) Then, draw a pic (or use clipart) to show what you have to do.
    4) Finally, write a sentence in Spanish using a conjugated verb to say what you do in the class.
    En la primera hora (or... el primer periódo) tengo la danza en la clase de educación física.
    En la clase de danza, tengo que bailar y escribir informes sobre la danza.          
                                  la clase de bailar
    Yo bailo en la clase de danza   
     **Your work will be graded on completion of the assignment, correctness of the grammar/vocabulary, and visual appeal.
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  • HW 9/24 Videohistoria p20-21 Questions 1-6

    Due 9/25

    Write the questlions and use the story panels to answer in complete sentences. 

    You may watch the video on YouTube. Click HERE to access the link.

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  • HW 9/23 jdd 0102 Act 1 & 2 and finish Chp 1A (p40) vocabulario

    Due 9/24
    Finish writing the vocabulary from p40 in #10 of your cuaderno
    Be sure to include the charts!  The vocabulary can also be found online at www.phschool.com.  See the RECURSOS tab for directions to find the page online.

    Do BOTH activities 1 and 2 of jdd 0102


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  • HW 9/19 Practice vocabulary and the verb TENER

    Due 9/20

    Print and complete workbook pages 5 and 6

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  • HW 9/17 Study for Quiz!

    Quiz on conjugations, adjectives, SER, question words and frequency words!

    Study notebook entries 4,5,6,7 and use those flashcards!

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  • HW 9/16 Conjugate ar, er, and ir verbs

    Due Tues 9/17

    Take 9 index cards and cut them in half.  On each card, write one of the verbs from #6 in the cuaderno and the translation.  On the other side, conjugate the verb into the present tense.

    Fill out the worksheet attached (Click on the HW 9/16 title above)

    Be sure to study the questions words and frequency words you wrote in #7 of the cuaderno.  

    There could be a pop quiz on conjugations, question words and frequency words!

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  • HW 9/12 Question words p10 Activity 15

    Due 9/13
    Page 10, Activity 15
    Write the correct question word to form a reasonable question
    then answer the question
    14 sentences total

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  • HW 9/11 Finish Workbook pages 1,2 and 4

    Due 9/12

    Complete the workbook pages started in class. 

    There will be a quiz on this material!

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  • HW 9/9 JDD 0002 The verb SER

    Due Tues 9/10

    Go to www.phschool.com and enter the jdd 0002 code.

    The platform is quite old, so your computer may warn you it is an unsecured site.  Please continue, it is safe.  It is just your new computer not recognizing an older website platform. 
    To access jdd activitiesuse the Firefox browser and go to phschool.com.
    In the lower right-hand corner, type in jdd and the activity code.
    If you are having trouble accessing the activities, try this:
    When you get to the activity, and before opening the activity, open a new tab and copy the address. Add an "s" to the end of the http.
    Complete the activity and print a copy to bring to class or screenshot the activity and send to me via email.
    To access the vocabulary pages, go to phschool.com.  In the lower right-hand corner, click Course Content.  On the left, click World Languages.  Under Student Resources, click Textbook Companion Sites. Click the word Realidades under the first flashing picture representing your textbook. Click on Level 2 under the second flashing picture.  Find the chapter you need and click on the repaso pdf page. 

    Here is my policy for online assignments:

    Students use the website and code provided by me, the teacher, to complete assignments.  If the student is not able to complete the assignment for whatever reason, the student must inform me.  I will decide if an extension is applicable.  Technology problems are to be expected, and I am quite flexible with them.  Students may also use a homework pass to extend the due date.  Homework passes are found on the Ayala Renaissance card.  

    Students without computer/printer access are able to use the internet at the library on the Ayala campus.  There is also a public library with internet access just down the street.  For printing, the Ayala library charges $.10 for the first 5 pages and $.25 per copy after that, while the public library currently charges $.10 per printed copy.  Students can also take a picture of the assignment with a cell phone as long as the student's ID is included in the picture.  Online assignments can be emailed to me (by 11:59pm) or brought into class to show me for full credit. Students may also copy the entire assignment by writing it down on paper and filling in the blanks with the correct answers.  Answers should be underlined or highlighted.   

    Students are allowed to miss one question and still receive full credit.  If the computer says an answer is wrong and the student thinks the answer is correct (sometimes the computer is glitch-y), I will give credit as long as I see proof of the error.  

    As with all assignments, if a student is caught cheating or copying, they will receive a 0 on that assignment and parents will be contacted.

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  • HW 9/6 Amigos y primos (page 4,activity 6)

    Due Mon 9/9

    Read the conversation between Carlos and his friend.  Imagine what the girls in the background are saying.  Write a dialogue of the girls' conversation in the form of a comic strip.  

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  • Mini Project 9/5 La persona misteriosa

    Due Fri 9/6

    Students are to find a picture or illustrate a famous person.  The famous person picture should be placed at the bottom of the page so that by folding the page in half, the picture is not visible.  On the outside fold, students are to write descriptions about the famous person using the verb SER and ADJECTIVES.  The last line of the description should be ¿Quién es?


    Inside: Picture of Bart Simpson covered by paper folded in half.

    Outside cover description in Spanish: La persona misteriosa es joven. Tiene dos hermanas, Lisa y Maggie.  Es muy atrevido y travieso. ¿Quién es?


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  • HW 8/29 Finish Workbook page 3 and Notebook Entry #4

    Due 8/30

    Finish the workbook page on nationalities and the notebook entry on adjectives from p3 of the textbook.

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  • HW 8/28 ¿De dónde es...?

    Due 8/29

    p7 Activity 11 (NOT Pg. 10!)

    Write the question for each person pictured in the map asking where they are from.

    Then, give the capital and nationality.


    1.  ¿De dónde es Teresa?

         Teresa es de Asunción.  Es paraguaya.

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  • HW 8/21 Los números

    Due Fri, 8/24

    Print the pages and practice writing the numbers.

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  • HW 8/20 Watch the power point and Youtube video on Los países hispánicos

    HW 8/20

    Estudien el video de los países hispanohablantes.  Memorizen el local, la capital y la nacionalidad de cada país.

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  • HW 8/14 Los mapas de los países hispanohablantes

    Due Wed 8/21 


    Miren el mapa de los países hispanohablantes. Pon el número de cada país a la izquierda de su nombre y su capital.

    Por ejemplo: En el mapa, los Estados Unidos tiene el número 17.

    Escribe en el papel con las dos columnas:

    ____17____Washington D.C.          ____17____Estados Unidos (anaranjado)


    Usen el código de colores para colorear cada país.  Vas a tener tiempo en clase para colorear.

    Por ejemplo: Los Estados Unidos se colorea anaranjado, y España se colorea rojo.

    Fecha de entrega de todos los mapas: el miércoles, el 21 de agosto

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