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Notable Don Antonio Lugo High School Graduates 

Karen Comstock - City of Chino’s First Female Chief of Police 

Chad Cordero - Professional Baseball Player 

Peter Hughes - Bassist for The Mountain Goats 

Connie Leyva - State Senator 

Joshua Mance - Olympic Sprinter 

Leah O'Brien-Amico - Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist for U.S. Women's Softball Team 

Moriah Peters - Contemporary Christian Singer-Songwriter 

Diana Taurasi - Professional Basketball Player 

Esera Tuaolo – Professional Football Player 

Luis Zendejas - Professional Football Player 

Marty Zendejas - Professional Football Player 

Max Zendejas - Professional Football Player 

Tony Zendejas - Professional Football Player 


The Mission of Don Lugo High School is to provide students with a quality 21st century education that offers programs, experiences, and opportunities for college, career, and life readiness.