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Homecoming 2023 Dance and Code of Conduct

Don Lugo is in a New York State of Mind!

The game is September 29 and the dance is on Saturday, September 30 from 7-10:30 pm at Don Lugo.  Dance tickets will be $50 with an ASB card and $60 for guests and non ASB card holders.  Students may purchase a ticket at the student store or online, HOWEVER, all guest passes must be turned into the student store to purchase along with the Don Lugo student's.  Pick up guest passes in the ASB office.  

Homecoming attendance is for eligible Don Lugo High School students and qualifying guests and will be held at Don Lugo High on September 30 from 7-10:30. This is a district approved event.  Tickets are limited and are first come, first serve and dependent on eligibility status as approved by DLHS administration. 


By purchasing a dance ticket, all students, parent/guardians and invited guests understand and recognize that they agree to the district and school Code of Conduct and the following dance guidelines.  (BP 5131.8(b) CODE OF CONDUCT)


The District Dress Code is in effect including the following items for Homecoming 2023:                             

Homecoming is a semi-formal event.                                                                                                                              

                  No revealing clothing may be worn including clothing where excessive cleavage is displayed.                                                          Backless is okay as long as no posterior is exposed.                                                                                                         

No clothing cut down to the navel or below the top of the breastline.  Dresses are not to be shorter than mid-thigh. Gentlemen are not allowed to go shirtless at any time.                                                                                 The following behavior guidelines are in effect for Homecoming2023.                                                                                                                  

Behavior on and off the dance floor must be socially acceptable and adhere to the Behavior Guidelines of Don Lugo High School and the Chino Valley Unified School District.  Dance movements and mannerisms must reflect the standards of modesty and "good taste."  Lewd and/or lascivious dancing known as "freaking" will not be tolerated.  Specifically, students will have both feet on the floor at all times:  There will be no:                                                                  

Front to back dancing•Dirty Dancing, Grinding or "Freak" dancing•Straddling legs•Bending over•Touching of breasts, buttocks or genitals     

Making out (no overt and /or prolonged public displays ofaffection)                                                                      

Individuals, couples, or groups engaging in such acts will be stopped and warned on the first occasion and have their wristband removed.  Wristbands will be given to all students when they enter the dance.  On the second occasion, parents will be contacted and students may be asked to leave the dance, without refund, and properly disciplined by school standards.                                                            


The following items will not be allowed and will be taken away and not returned.                                                    

Alcohol / Flasks – Vaping instruments- Gum - Glow in the Dark Items - Pens & Pencils - Sharp Objects - Markers -All Tobacco Products - Lighters/Matches - Water Bottles - Weapons - Any Illegal Substance – Wallet Chains - Canes & Zoot Chains - Liquid Items - Mouthwash - Glass Bottles (Including Perfume) – Eye Drops - Medication (It will be returned) Every student attending the dance will be searched upon arrival (small purses preferred). Backpacks and large bags/purses not allowed.                                                                       

Breathalyzers will be on site.  All students must arrive by 8:30 p.m.  No students will be admitted after that time. Students may not leave until 45 minutes before the end of the dance. THIS IS 9:15 PM. No refunds will be allowed.    


All students need to be picked up by 10:30 p.m. Any student who is not picked up within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the dance is subject to not being allowed to attend any future dances.                                                                              

Violations of the behavior or dress code guidelines will result in removal from the activity.  NO refund will be given and the parent/guardian will be notified and expected to pick up their student.                                                                                                                          To attend the Don Lugo homecoming students must have their digital Don Lugo I.D., physical id OR driver’s license to attend. Students who are on the ineligibility list for grades, behavior or un-served Saturday School may not attend.