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Don Lugo's Ms. Berry Honored by Fox 11 News

Being part of Don Lugo's FFA program is more than just taking care of farm animals, studying their anatomy and earning course credit. It's about respecting nature and taking responsibility. Ms. Berry is teaching FFA students valuable life lessons, such as raising an animal is an important and full-time commitment. Through the FFA program students purchase their own animal and take care of it both physicall and financially. Students are responsible to feed, nurture and care for their animal until the animal is sold at auction. For Ms. Berry, this is a huge life lesson. 

"Watching the kids grow and become leaders in this organization and this class is fantastic and why I love my job." Thank you Ms. Berry for your enthusiasm and leadership!

Click the photo to watch the segment featuring Ms. Berry as Fox 11's School Standout!

Ms. Berry