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Don Lugo HS Keeps the Milk Can

Two Thousand Nineteen marks the 40th Milk Can to be played between Chino High School and Don Lugo High School. With a fierce cross-town rivalry, the Milk Can is in not your ordinary high school football match. The two schools participate in annual traditionals during the week leading up to the big game. Don Lugo Varsity football players give jerseys to students in the special education class on campus, Chino's campus is transformed into a sea of blue with motivational banners hung on every available inch of space, while administrators take to the court in the Milk Jug basketball game. 

In the end, the Conquistadors walked off the field as Milk Can Champions for the fourth year in a row. Thank you to all the loyal fans that support both of these amazing schools. Until next year!


2019 Milk Can Winners