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Don Lugo's QuestNews joins PBS NewsHour program

Led by CVUSD's 2020 Teacher of the Year, Annette Deming, Don Lugo High School's QuestNews staff is taking journalism into the next generation of informed media. Part of PBS NewsHour, a reliable news program that has been viewed by millions of Americans for the last 40 years, the NewsHour Student Reporting Lab offers middle and high school students the opportunity to work with a PBS producer to create video news stories based on current events and topics of the day with a chance to have their contenct published on television. 

Entering her eighth year as the group's adviser, Ms. Deming has nurtured students to reach beyond the halls of their campus to tackle important and relevant topics that touch the youth in the community. As an elective course opened to 9th-12th graders, QuestNews consists of online publications, podcasts, social media and television broadcasts. Don't want to miss another story published by the team? Follow QuestNews on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! You can also subscribe to QuestNews at

Congratulations Conquistadores! 

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