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Asst. Principal Reger Receives ACSA Elementary Co-Administrator of the Year Award!

Congratulations to Mr. Reger, Assistant Principal at E.J. Marshall Elementary School in Chino, for being recognized as ACSA Region 12's Elementary Co-Administrator of the Year!

In her nomination letter, Principal Verdugo shared that Mr. Reger wholeheartedly believes all students can reach higher levels of academic success and words to identify specific needs of students to develop positive learning experiences that will meet their unique needs. 

Ms. Johnson, a third-grade teacher at Marshall Elementary said, "In my past 22 years at E.J. Marshall, these last 5 years have been the best [working with Mr. Reger]." Ms. Johnson shared that Mr. Reger is not only dependable, determined, and passionate, he is, most importantly, visible on campus. 

When learning about Mr. Reger's nomination, former E.J. Marshall student, Eric Palavecino, asked if he could also write a letter on behalf of Mr. Reger to share how this fantastic educator had impacted his life.

"Do you know who the best Admin is? Would you like to know? Why, it is none other than Mr. Reger; the brightest, most responsible, respectful, and safe Admin." Eric fondly remembers how Mr. Reger, no matter how busy he may have been, would stop to have conversations with students and make them feel at ease. If he could, Eric would return to Marshall Elementary just to have Mr. Reger be his assistant principal again. 

Thank you, Mr. Reger, for being such a positive addition to our District and leaving a lasting impression on both students and staff! CONGRATULATIONS!