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Attendees Connect with Dr. Vargas During Suicide Prevention Awareness Forum

Hosting two annual Suicide Prevention Awareness forums, the District seeks to provide parents, guardians, and community members with resources to expand their understanding of suicide and what they can do in the hope of saving a life.

Dr. Dianne Vargas, an Associate Professor of School Counseling at Cal State Stanislaus, has been the forum facilitator for the past six years. Considered an expert in the field of suicide prevention, Dr. Vargas not only engages with attendees present during the evening session, but also rotates among CVUSD campuses to provide training to CVUSD staff and first responders. Staff develop an awareness of risk factors, build an understanding of postvention activities, and improve their knowledge and skills in suicide prevention.

Dr. Vargas shares that recognizing warning signs, understanding who is at high risk, knowing how to take preventative measures, and how to seek mental health services are just a few vital steps that can be taken to assist someone struggling with suicide ideation.

We are so grateful to those who were able to attend the September 26th forum and hope to see new faces at the February 6, 2024, forum. Parents, guardians, and community members can learn more about the upcoming forum by following @chinovalleyusd on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and visiting the District website.

Collage of Suicide Prevention Awareness meeting