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2024 Solar Eclipse Wows Students at CVUSD!

It’s not everyday students can observe a cosmic phenomenon as part of their daily lessons! Students and staff across CVUSD had the exciting opportunity to witness an awe-inspiring solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024. Although the moon didn’t completely block out the sun from the vantage point in Chino Valley, the eclipse could still be observed between 10:06 a.m. and 12:20 p.m. with the event climaxing at approximately 11:22 a.m.

Spectators in the region could see the moon cover an estimated 59% of the sun’s surface during the peak of the solar eclipse. Using protective eyewear, students watched in awe as the moon crept in between the sun and our blue planet. Others observed the eclipse by using the simple pinhole projector method by cutting a hole on a piece of paper to project the sun’s light and moon’s shadow onto another surface. Some students recorded their observations for classroom exercises about solar eclipses by drawing the phases of the phenomenon throughout different intervals.

Staff smartphones are no match for the sunlight but by using a special filter, snapshots of the eclipse were captured to hold us over until the next total solar eclipse rolls around in 2044. But if you can’t wait until then, we hear Iceland, Portugal and Spain will have a spectacular view for the August 12th, 2026, total solar eclipse!


Students looking up at the sky to view the solar eclipse  Staff ready to watch to solar eclipse
Students looking up at the sky to view the solar eclipse  A teacher pointing up at the sky during the solar eclipse
A student using two pieces of paper to observe solar eclipse  A student's drawing to record the eclipse's movement