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DAL Participates in Students Against Drunk Driving Program

In collaboration with the Chino Valley Fire District and Don Lugo HS, the Chino Police Department hosted its second annual Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) program on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

The exercise, which rotates between Chino and Don Lugo High Schools, began in the Conquistador gym with School Resource Officer (SRO) Myles Mason imparting the serious nature of impaired driving to senior and junior students. A brief video played on a jumbo screen that showed a simple gathering of friends that turned more serious as students began to consume alcoholic beverages. The room went dark as a young woman’s desperate request for help to a 911 dispatcher rang out over the speakers.

Students were then led to Pipeline Ave. in front of the school to watch as the story continued to unfold with ASB students portraying crash victims in the aftermath of a devastating traffic accident. The simulation came complete with Chino PD personnel and Chino Valley Fire crews treating injured passengers, evaluating an underaged motorist suspected of driving under the influence, and tending to students lost in the wreckage. 

Following the demonstration, a guest speaker shared their experience related to an impaired driving accident to make the message clear: reckless decisions can have devastating consequences.

challenges students to think about personal safety, the responsibility of making good decisions, and how their choices impact family, friends, and the community. We appreciate the Don Lugo staff, Chino PD, and Chino Valley Fire for delivering the pivotal message of responsible driving and working together to keep your youth safe.

Officer Myles Mason speaking at the Don Lugo gym  Officer Myles Mason addressing students at the Don Lugo gym
Firefighters attending to a staged traffic collision  Officers questioning an impaired driver at a staged traffic collision
Firefighters breaking a windshield to help a driver  Firefighters moving an injured crash victim on a stretcher