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CVUSD Bus Drivers Put Safety Skills to the Test at Orange County School Bus Safety "Roadeo"

Five CVUSD Transportation employees suited up for the 61st Annual Orange County School Bus Safety “Roadeo” that was held on April 13, 2024, at the Garden Grove Unified School District by the Orange County Driver Trainer Advisory Council (OCDTAC). Team leader Brenda Rios and team assistant Evelyn Campos provided support as team drivers Rafael Rojas and Belen Sanchez competed against drivers from multiple school districts and outside companies. CVUSD Driver Trainer Kristal Groves joined the event as a judge where a panel assessed the performances of drivers in seven different safety maneuvers that are judged on timing and precision.


This is Chino Valley’s first participation in the Roadeo since the mid-1990s and the district returned to the competition after two drivers took the initiative to ask Transportation leadership if they could get CVUSD back in the game. Traditionally, Rodeo teams have almost a year to practice and perfect maneuvers for the competition, which include breaking, right and left turns, offset alley, backup stall, parallel parking, stop line double backing crossover, and student loading escort. The Chino Valley Roadeo team, however, had only four months to prepare for the event, which also included studying for two written tests covering state laws, vehicle inspections, and Roadeo regulations.

The OCDTAC Roadeo isn’t just a fun Olympics-style competition, it’s an opportunity to sharpen the skills of drivers so they can operate with the highest level of safety for students they transport. Participating in this year’s Rodeo allowed the CVUSD team to demonstrate its driving expertise while building a positive team environment within our transportation department!

Thank you to all our Chino Valley bus drivers for providing safe transportation services to CVUSD students!  

A CVUSD school bus parked The back of a CVUSD bus with a banner representing the team
Two CVUSD bus drivers posing and smiling Groups of bus drivers at the "road-eo" competition