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Student Drop Off and Pickup

Due to ongoing construction on the Ayala campus the flow of traffic for student drop-off and pick-up has changed. Vehicles will no longer be able to circle behind the campus and exit on the north side of campus. Instead, the following drop-off and pick-up procedure will be in place:

  • Cars will enter on Bulldog Blvd. Traffic will flow in one direction. No exits will be allowed on Bulldog Blvd. during drop off and pick up hours.
  • Students will be dropped-off and picked-up in designated zone in front of the tennis court area.
  • Both lanes of traffic will exit on to Peyton Drive at the marquee driveway and turn right.
  • The remaining driveways will be utilized for bus and staff traffic only.
  • Drivers must follow the above regulations and all traffic laws.
  • Pedestrians must use city sidewalks and crosswalks at all time.
  • Bike riders must obey all city and state laws.

Please note that law enforcement and school district personnel will be actively helping to ensure the safety of our students and community before and after school. We expect significant delays during the first few weeks of school, especially, and recommend the use of alternate sites off campus for drop-off and pick-up. Please allow sufficient time to navigate through these new procedures in order to ensure that students arrive on time.


Ayala Student Drop Off and Pickup Map 2018