Every Monday and Tuesday we have spelling homework.
If we have no school on Monday then we will have
spelling homework on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We will have the practice test on Wednesday and the
test on Thursday. If we have no school on Monday then
we will have our practice test on Thursday and the test
on Friday. Either way if they pass the practice test on the
first day they will not have to take it on the next day.

A good way to practice is by giving your child a spelling
test at home and then you can see which words the are
having difficulty with. Then you can have them write these
words multiple times and retest them to see if it helped.
This allows you to focus on the words that they need help

Rainbow Writing is when they write the word in pencil
and then trace it with one color, then another and with a
third color (this can be done in chalk on the driveway or
on a white board with markers. This is one that I hear
works the best. This is what I did with my own kids.
I hope this helps!