NHS Dues & Optional Items can be paid for at the student store.
Club Membership Dues & Certificate (Diploma Seal - seniors only):   $10 per year - DUE - AFTER SELECTION is announced and/or the week after the first meeting. Paid online through the student store.
To maintain membership you MUST:
1. Attend ALL club meetings - unless previously arranged.
2. Turn in 20 verifiable hours of community service at the end of 1st AND 2nd Semesters (so, that is 40 hrs total for the school year), AND
3. By January 29, 2022, turn in an UPDATED TRANSCRIPT/COUNSELING WORKSHEET that has your current GPA (including Fall Semester).
4. Maintain at least ONE Leadership position.
Items below are OPTIONAL: PAYABLE to the Student Store
Graduation Stoles (SENIORS ONLY)      $26
(payment due by February 26, 2022)
Graduation Medallion (SENIORS ONLY) $19
(payment due by February 26, 2022)
Official NHS Pin with Membership Card  $8  
(payment due date TBA)
Letterman Jacket Patch                       $8  
(payment due date TBA)