Phun Day MM

Phun Day 2020


(ok, this is from some other 6 flags)

This year we will be taking our annual trip to an amusement park to Six Flags' Magic Mountain.  Tickets will be around $55 and will include a full day with very short lines and the bus fees.  Students will work in groups to make measurements related to several rides and to make calculations to determine details about the ride.  An example of this would be measuring a couple of heights, the velocity of the coaster and the radius of a looping rollercoaster to determine the apparent weight you should feel at the top of the loop; they would then go on the ride with a vertical accelerometer to determine the validity of their calculated result.

There will be an alternate assignment for those who do not wish to attend.

Remember, if you need a calculator for it, then fun is spelled phun!

All sections of Mr. Carter's classes are welcome to attend, however all attendees must have at least a current 2.0 GPA and cannot have an N or U in citizenship with Mr. Carter.