Cornell Notes

Please keep all Cornell notes in a spiral notebook. All Cornell notes must include a title, number, goal, and summary and must be neat and organized.



Titles (Semester 1)

     1. How to take CN

     2. Birth Order

     3. Elements of Fiction and Subject v. Theme

     4. Theme in "The Necklace"

     5. Proper Paragrah Form

     6. Theme in "The Scarlet Ibis"

     7. Group Activity Notes - Theme in ______

     8. How to write an introduction

     9. How to write a conclusion

     10. Introduction to Lord of the Flies

     11. Characterization and Symbolism in Lord of the Flies

     12. Literary Devices in Lord of the Flies

     13. The CRAP Test




Titles (Semester 2)

  1. Archetypes and Allusions
  2. Introduction to the Trojan War and The Odyssey
  3. Part 1- The Odyssey
  4. The Hero's Journey
  5. Myth Jigsaw Reading Activity
  6. The Shakesperean Sonnet
  7. Introduction to Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet
  8. ACT I- Character and Dramatic Foil
  9. ACT II- Blank Verse and Character Rank
  10. ACT III- Dramatic Speeches
  11. ACT IV-V- Dramatic Irony 
  12. Arguments in Action- The Undercover Parent
  13. Persuasive Devices- Ethos, Pathos, Logos
  14. Philosophical Debates