Leadership Department Recruitment!

Our leadership department is one of the largest on campus. Recruitment is here! All new and returning 8th grade-11th grade students are encouraged to get involved and make a difference!
RECRUITMENT VIDEO #1: https://youtu.be/NIYdhtEC1C8
Get involved! Make a DIFFERENCE! How will YOU make an IMPACT on campus?
The Leadership Department of Don Lugo High School offers different classes that are A-G compliant and all involve raising student participation on campus. All coursework includes leadership training and hands on experiences in identifying team work, student inclusion and of course CONQUISTADOR PRIDE AND SPIRIT. Our leadership program allows for all students to get involved on campus in different ways. Each of these classes run independently of each other but all qualify for leadership honors and Senior cords during graduation time. We welcome Freshmen!
ASB is for students who are elected officers or appointed commissioners. Rallies, spirit weeks and dances will be organized and planned through the Associated Student Body. This will be 4th period. All elected officers 10th-12th grade are in this class. Freshmen officers remain in freshmen leadership until 2nd semester. The Associated Student Body Office is located in the Student Activities Office and is the center for all Don Lugo events. The office handles activities and services for the entire student population. It sells ASB cards, school event tickets and spirit wear through the student store. Information about dances, rallies or student government is available from the Director of Activities, Mrs. Farrah Rigo-Witt. The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the body responsible for student affairs such as approving the organization of clubs and activities, selling ASB cards, and planning dances. ASB officers are elected by the student body and are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times.
Renaissance dedicated to “raising the bar” for all Conquistadores through a school-wide celebration of a variety of accomplishments. Renaissance is a national program found in junior high and high schools around the country. It is our program for student/staff/faculty recognition of academic excellence and other achievements here at Don Lugo High School. Renaissance students attend to student of the month activities, staffulty of the month celebrations, Golden Conquest Awards, Renaissance Rally organization and other honors, awards and accolades designed to impact school climate and culture.
Freshmen Leadership
This leadership class is an all encompassing class that goes through the basics of leadership training and skill building, including introduction to getting involved on campus and for ALL freshmen. This includes project planning, spirit design, rally development and philanthropic projects. This is a GREAT way to get involved on campus!
School Culture and Pride
This class is for all students new and returning who want to raise spirit on campus. SCP, or School Culture and Pride leaders work to further a positive school environment and will work to plan events, create videos and social media opportunities to show of Lugo spirit and pride. This class works with the other leadership groups to contribute to traditional events on campus.