***Welcome to Mrs. Grissom's Distance Learning Classroom; check Google Classroom daily for lessons. ***

***Welcome to Mrs. Grissom's Distance Learning Classroom; check Google Classroom for daily lessons. ***


Contact Information: I will respond w/i 24 hours of your correspondence.

school email: laura_grissom@chino.k12.ca.us

secondary email: mrsgrissomeng@gmail.com

Remind: text 81010 - 

  • @6496hb (0 period - English Langauge and Comp)  or @ca9dbg (4th Period - English Language and Comp)
  • @9gg7k3 (1st period - English Literature and Comp) or @f4he9c (2nd period - English Literature and Comp)
  • @b96eh6 (3rd period - English 10 Honors) or @h3kdfd (5th period - English 10 Honors)


Virtal Office Hours:

I will be available daily via Remind and email specifically during 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  You may email me or text me outside of those hours, but please give me 24 hours to return all correspondence not sent within the given Office Hours.  



I will post assignments, videos, and instruction on this website and Google Classroom, and I will make use of Remind to alert you to deadlines.  I will also be making use of TurnItIn.com when I am collecting writing assignments, and FlipGrid when I am collecting class discussions.  Please see below for all additional codes.


Google Classroom:

  • euemwog (0 period) & x5yrrkq (4th period) English Language and Composition
  • 2jyjlvb (1st period) & 52xop6f (2nd Period) English Literature and Composition
  • 2w2hz7s (3rd period) & 5vlbq2c (5th period) English 10 Honors



  • 0 Period -24220444 (Class ID) 11ap0 (enrollment key)
  • 1st Period - 24220490 (Class ID) 12ap1 (enrollment key)
  •  2nd Period - 24220522 (Class ID) 12ap2 (enrollment key)
  • 3rd Period - 24220538 (Class ID) 10h3 (enrollment key)
  • 4th Period -  24220460 (Class ID) 11ap4 (enrollment key)
  • 5th Period - 24220555 (Class ID) 10h5 (enrollment key)



  • English 12 AP grissom4675
  • English 11 AP grissom8873
  • English 10 Honors grissom9274