Directions and Parking

Directions and Parking

Please Be Courteous

When dropping off your child, please remember to pull all the way forward in the right hand lane. Do not leave your car unattended in the drive-thru areas.

If you have business on campus, please park your car on the street or in a parking stall.

Please Be Safe

The left lane is not for drop off. Children walking should use the sidewalk and not cut across traffic. Remember children's safety is the main concern of our staff on duty.

For the safety of all our students, please refrain from using your cell phones while in the drive-thru areas.

For both drop-off and pick-up areas (in front of the office and kindergarten), drive in the right lane. Once all cars stop, all students must exit promptly to the nearest sidewalk. Students should never be dropped off or exit in the left lanes.

No cars should be parked in the right lane of the circular drive by kindergarten. This lane is intended for bus use and drop-off and pick-up of students.

We at Butterfield Ranch Elementary are always looking out for the safety and well being of our students. We hope that you will follow these guidelines for your child's safety.


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