Please share some easy, quick KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS to help my workflow?

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You bet! Hold down the keys (two or three) at the same time... (replace Control with Command for Mac computers)

Control +          Makes your internet screen get larger

Control  -          Makes your internet screen get smaller

Control  F          Enter a word or phrase in the search box, and search for all occasions of that word on the webpage

Control  Z          Undo (last process)

Control  B          Makes the next text bold (repeat shortcut to end)

Control  U         Makes the next text underlined (repeat shortcut to end)

Control  I          Makes the next text italicized (repeat shortcut to end)

Control  C         Copies highlighted text and saves to the clipboard

Control  X          Cuts out and saves highlighted text to the clipboard

Control  V          Pastes what is on the clipboard

Control  Shift  Delete          Clears the cache of whatever browser you are in...helpful if old pages load or old passwords insist on appearing

Download and print this (for PCs)

Download and print this (for Chromebooks)