How can I type in ANOTHER LANGUAGE?

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f you have the U.S. international keyboard installed, you can type Spanish accents on Windows by simply typing an apostrophe followed by the vowel you want to accent. You can install this keyboard by searching language settings > options > add a keyboard > United-States International. (Click here to see how to install.) Once you’ve installed it, you’ll see a language bar has appeared next to the clock in the start bar. If it’s not already selected, click on the language and select ENG INTL.

á = ‘ + a

é = ‘ + e

í = ‘ + i

ó = ‘ + o

ú = ‘ + u

Here are the keyboard combos for the other accents/characters: (*The Alt key on the RIGHT of the space bar has to be used. The left one won’t work.)

ü = ” + u

n = ˜+ n

¡ = Alt + !

¿ = Alt + ?