Grissom's Distance Learning Blog

Posted by Laura Grissom on 3/16/2020 9:00:00 PM

Dear Students,


Wow.  What a crazy turn-of-events.  I never could’ve predicted this at the beginning of the year. We are now heading out into uncharted territory, but luckily, we live in an era that allows us to continue things via technology.

Now more than ever, you’ll get out of lessons what you put into them.  For the time being, I will post assignments on Monday and they will be due by Friday (you are always welcome to turn assignments in early).

I will continue to use Aeries to update grades.  If you have outstanding assignments from before we left, we will either take care of it when we return to the physical classroom, or if virtual learning is prolonged, I will figure out a comparable assignment.

School technically resumes March 30th; you are now on what is considered “prolonged Spring Break.”  I would like you to complete the first assignment (making sure you are logged onto all learning applications) by Friday.  Many of you are already set, but please take this opportunity to make sure.  I will assign this task points in either the “other” or “participation” category.

We will be continuing with the readings we started before we left the classroom.

If you have questions, please contact me.  My virtual office hours will start tomorrow (March 17th) at 9:00 a.m. (until 11:30).

Keep safe!


Mrs. Grissom