Weekly Grades: How Can "YOU" Get a Passing Grade in Study Skills


How "YOU"  Can Get a Passing Grade in Study Skills!


I.     Students assigned to my class will have a login for Essential Education (GED Academy)

Your daily goal is set to 1 hour of study time.

Every 15 minutes you work in the program your grade increases.

0  minutes    = 0 = F

15 minutes  = 1 = D

30 minutes  = 2 = C

45 minutes  = 3 = B

1 hour            = 4 = A


*  If you work over an hour on any particular day, those extra minutes will be allocated to days with little or no time. 


II.    If you take a GED Ready practice test during the grading week, you will be  

given a grade based on the score you received on the date taken.


III.  If you have a GED test scheduled that day, you will be given a grade for

attending + your final score.


IV.   If you request or turn in packet work; a grade will be given based on the  

number of pages completed.  


V.     If you work in any other programs on my class page, please have your cottage 

staff call or email me to verify what you worked on and the amount of time spent



All it takes is a little effort.  Your effort will be seen in your passing GED score!!!