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                 Monday, August 25, 2014
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  • Mr. Joseph

    Learn to appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had.

                                                                    - Unknown



    The sudden and tragic recent deaths of Katie Cooper (Ayala graduate) and Nnamdi Okongwu (entering his senior year at Chino Hills High) are another reminder to all of us of the fragility of human existence.  When two young people who are so loved are inexplicably removed from life, we shake our heads in disbelief.  For me these occurrences have a personal resonance as they remind me of the loss of my wife more than seven years ago, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and only lasted seventy days after the initial diagnosis in spite of having no incidents of cancer on either side of her family.  I remember seeking some solace from my grief through reading and happened to come upon a book entitled, “The Five Things We Cannot Change” by David Richo.  He believes there are five things about life that are immutable:


                1.         Everything changes and ends.

                2.         Things do not always go according to plans.

                3.         Life is not always fair.

                4.         Pain is a part of life.

                5.         People are not loving and loyal all of the time.


    For most of us although Providence will always give us reminders (through the deaths of young people like Katie and Nnamdi) that life is no sturdier than the gossamer wings of a butterfly, we will inevitably return to our delusional belief that we are “in control” of every aspect of our daily lives.  But for me their deaths are a reminder to all of us to embrace and celebrate every day of breath we are given, for life is a precious gift that many of us all too often take for granted.

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       Wayne M. Joseph, Superintendent
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    Local Control Funding Formula

    LCAP Draft available on LCFF web page 

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  • Announcements:
    • Fact or Fiction: Clarifying Information from LCAP Public Hearing - June 2014
    • Full-day State Preschool at the Children's Center
    • School of Choice Opportunity for 2014-15
    • Information for Summer School 2014
    • Update of Water Issue at Chino Valley Unified School District
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  • Common Core Curriculum Preparation:

    On August 2, 2010 the State Board of Education adopted the California Common Core Standards. Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, these new national standards will replace our current state standards.  Chino Valley USD teachers are working on Rigorous Curriculum Design in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science to ensure that the education in Chino Valley USD is the best education for our students.
    The changes are being driven by three important reforms:
    • The Common Core State Standards, adopted by California in August 2010, and the Next Generation Science Standards, adopted in September 2013;
    • Assembly Bill 484, passed in September 2013, introducing a new statewide assessment system to replace the Standardized Testing and Reporting System (STAR); and
    • the change in California's school finance system, signed by Governor Brown in July 2013.

    More information can be found on the Chino Valley USD Curriculum Department web pages.

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    Khan Academy
    Khan Academy
    Learn anything for free at Khan Academy - with topics from arithmetic to calculus, physics, finance, and history. Watch, listen, and discuss over 4,200 videos in the growing library. Practice your mathematics skills from addition to calculus. Explore Computer Science to create beautiful art and design your own games using Computer Science lessons. Click here for Khan Academy.

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  • Update on Water Issues at Chino Valley Unified School District

    On October 28-29, 2013, Chino Valley Unified School District had the California Department of Public Health Certified, Clinical Laboratory of San Bernardino, Inc., test the drinking water quality at all of its school sites.
    There are 15 school sites identified as having lead levels that exceed the Environmental Protection Agency's action limit. Please click links below for updates:
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  • School Site Locator
    Site Locator

    en Español
    WeTip for a Safer America

    Online Meal Applications 

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