(Non-Open Enrollment Requests)

    Please direct any questions regarding intradistrict transfers to Student Support Services at (909) 628-1202, Ext. 7750.


    • Applications for 2021/2022 may be submitted through the open enrollment process beginning November 2, 2020 and closing December 4, 2020.
    • See https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/Page/20070 for information on the open enrollment process.
    • Open enrollment applications will not be available until November 2nd at 7:30 am for the 2021/2022 school year.


    • Intradistrict transfer request applications ("applications") may still be submitted for the current school year 2020/2021.
    • Applications are available in person and online.  (See below for link to online form.)
    • Only one application per student per school year may be submitted at a time.
    • Submission of an application does not guarantee placement at the requested school.
    • Parents/guardians are required to enroll student in their attendance area school until notified the transfer has been approved. Students who are not enrolled in their attendance area school on the first day of school may be removed from the transfer process. 
    • Intradistrict transfer enrollment decisions are based on available space, student's academic performance, attendance, and/or behavior concerns. If the transfer is approved, it may be revoked due to overcrowding, lack of academic achievement, poor attendance, and/or unsatisfactory behavior. (This does not apply to Intradistrict Open Enrollment transfer requests.) 
    • Parent/guardian shall confirm enrollment at the school site within ten school days following notification of the transfer approval or the application is forfeited.
    • Applications may be approved for the remainder of the school year or through highest grade served at the site.
    • Applications approved for the remainder of the school year require submission of a new transfer request application for the succeeding year if student desires to remain at that school or to follow the feeder pattern.
    • Students placed at the requested school through the highest grade served at the site no longer have first priority rights to enroll in the school of attendance area in which they reside and may apply for such enrollment through the transfer process.
    • Parents/guardians shall complete a new transfer request application in the sixth grade and again in the eighth grade if they desire to follow in the feeder pattern for the succeeding school year, provided that the requested school is accepting applications.
    • If student moves while attending the transfer school, the school must be notified of the address change. If the new address is no longer in the boundaries of the school of residence as indicated on the initial application, the transfer becomes void and a new transfer request must be submitted. Continued placement is not guaranteed. 
    • The District does not assume any responsibility for transportation of students who have received an intradistrict transfer and parent/guardian shall provide transportation for students approved through this process.


    These schools are NOT open to all transfers. Transfers will be accepted only if:

    • Sibling of student requesting transfer has established residency through a prior transfer process within the school requested and siblings must both attend the same school in the same school year; and/or
    • Student whose parent/guardian is employed by CVUSD and assigned to the requested school as the primary place of employment for the requested school year.

    Restrictions apply to the following schools for the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 school years:
    ● Cal-Aero K-8     ● Rhodes Elementary