• Printing, Graphics and Mail Services

    Troy Ingram, Innovation and Creative Services Coordinator


    Welcome to the Printing, Graphics and Mail Services Department. Here you will find useful links to help you with your communication needs. We provide graphics, printing, and mail services to Chino Valley Unified School District's teachers, administration, and student organizations, as well as community not-for-profit organizations, and other government agencies. Our goal is to provide the means of communicating quality learning and informational materials to and for the students of Chino Valley Unified School District. https://cvprintcenter.chino.k12.ca.us/


    The Printing, Graphics, and Mail Services department will be providing yearbook printing for elementary and junior high schools. If you are interested in having us provide your yearbook printing and/or are in need of further information, please contact the Printing, Graphics, and Mails Services Department by email or phone, ext. 1280. The yearbook software to be distributed for use in configuring yearbooks will be FotoFusion Yearbook by LumaPix. You may click on the link above for an overview.