• Guidance Counseling

  • Ayala High School counselors assist students with making academic and career plans. They work one-on-one with our scholars to educate students about drug abuse, bullying, harassment, or other significant issues high schoolers face.

    During their time with us on campus, guidance counselors will assist students will their schedule and making sure they stay on track academically. 

    In addition to this, high school counselors also help prepare Bulldogs for life after high school. In high school, guidance counselors often serve as one of the only contacts that students have related to college or career preparation. With college and career just beyond the horizon, counselors provide aptitude assessments and individual planning to help identify a student’s interests and abilities. Guidance regarding paths after high school includes apprenticeships or training programs. Guidance counselors assist students with their development of tactical skills critical to future success, including applying for jobs, writing resumes and interviewing for positions.

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