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    The mission of the Office of Security of the Chino Valley Unified School District is to provide protection for the students, staff and property at all district sites to ensure a safe and secure learning and working environment that encourages individual and academic growth.
    The CVUSD security patrols all District sites 7 days a week. Each comprehensive high school has a school resource officer and at least three campus security officers assigned during normal operating hours. 

    The Office of Security can be contacted at (909) 628-1201, extension 1303.
    Hours of Operation: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, in accordance with all district and national holidays.
  • Office of Security Area of Jurisdiction 
    The District’s school security officers are non-sworn and unarmed. Their primary role, within the limits of the law and the authority granted by the Board of Education, is to protect students, staff, visitors and property of the District, primarily through prevention, observation and reporting.   Other authorized functions may include monitoring safety standards established by the District, issuing parking citations on district premises pursuant to Section 2113(a) of the California Vehicle Code, enforcing district rules and regulations, monitoring facility access control, and providing assistance at special events.
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  • Parent Reunification Plan
    When an emergency (national, local or school) occurs during school hours, parents are asked to cooperate with safety and school officials. Wait for notification of how and when to respond to the school site/reunification site. This notification will come via the site’s office, district, or CVUSD’s web site.Location(s) of reunification sites will be announced. Please be aware that the location (both on and off campus) is subject to change depending on the nature of the emergency.
    Proper identification will be required at the site. Please know that only emergency contacts listed on your child’s emergency card will be allowed to sign out your child. If you wish to authorize additional individuals or daycare centers to pick up your child in the event of an emergency, please update and return the emergency card to the school office. Students will not be released to friends, neighbors, siblings, etc., unless they are listed on the emergency card. For security reasons, no phone authorizations will be accepted.
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  • School Resource Officer

    The core responsibility of the School Resource Officers is to interact with student, staff, and school administration to ensure, within their resources, to have a safe educational environment.  The Chino Valley School District provides one School Resource Officer to each comprehensive high school campus.  Although these officers work under the direction of their Police Chief, they are specifically tasked to provide law enforcement services to their respective principals and high school campuses. These police officers are specially trained in the enforcement of law as it relates to juveniles. Principals, assistant principals, security officers, and school resource officers work together as a team to ensure the safety and security of each school campus.

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  • Security Officer

    The purpose of the Security Officer is to assist school site administrators and staff in creating a safe and secure environment to ensure the objectives of the educational program may be achieved.

    The security officers are an essential part of the District’s program to provide a safe, orderly environment where the rights of all students are protected. In this capacity, security officers will patrol the campuses to assist in student supervision, ensure school rules are being enforced and provide general assistance to students and faculty.
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