• school site Opened in 2003 with more than 1,100 students, Michael G. Wickman Elementary School remains the largest elementary school in the Chino Valley Unified School District.  Nestled between the rolling green Chino Hills State Park and the lovely Los Serranos Golf and Country Club, the school site is often host to local wildlife including hawks and  rabbits (after school hours, of course.)  Wickman has been the proud home of Winner the Wildcat, a championship track team, internationally recognized Kiva Kids, a full theater troupe, and a diversified collection of eager learners, parents, and staff.  In May of 2008, and again in 2012, Michael G. Wickman Elementary School was honored with a California Distinguished School Award.  


  • Great American Solar Eclipse

    As you know, on Monday, August 21, 2017 the United States will experience the first total solar eclipse to travel from coast to coast in nearly a century. The rarity of this eclipse has created a lot of excitement amongst Chino Valley Unified teachers, with many planning to use the eclipse as a learning opportunity for kids. With that excitement has come questions about how to ensure students’ safety and what options the schools can use for observing the eclipse. First, it is important to note that even during a solar eclipse it is not safe to look directly at the sun without special glasses or camera filters that meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. Students may be tempted to look directly at the sun based on an incorrect assumption that during an eclipse it will not harm their eyes; however, looking at the sun, even for a few seconds could cause serious vision damage and we want to make sure we have safety measures in place to prevent injury to students and staff.


    If your child's teacher is planning an outside activity to view the eclipse, either with glasses or a pinhole viewer, a parent waiver needs to be signed in order for your child to participate. This waiver form must be signed and turned in Monday morning in order for your child to view the solar eclipse. Wickman will have adult supervison outside. However, we will also have our MPR open during the eclipse for teachers who would like to view the NASA eclipse webstream in a safe and fully controlled in environment. The webstream will be filmed from an area that will allow students to observe the total solar eclipse live, since Chino will only experience a partial solar eclipse. The livestream will allow students to watch as the moon completely blocks out the sun’s face, turning day into night, and allowing students to see the otherwise hidden solar corona.

    If your child's teacher is planning an outside activity to view the eclipse, here is a link to the waiver form. Solar Eclipse Waiver Form



                                                                                                           Solar Eclipse

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  • Back to School

    Wickman Students and Families...


    We are thrilled for a new school year to begin on Monday, August 14, 2017.


    The line-up bell for students in grades 1-6 will ring at 8:37 AM, and students will enter their rooms at 8:40 AM. 


    It is a minimum day of school, so student release will be 12:10 PM. (See the Bell Schedule for Minimum Day info).


    Please be sensitive to the larger-than-usual number of drivers this day. This might be a great day for a family walk to/from campus!


    Traffic and parking lot rules apply every day...let's keep those kids safe and be courteous to our fellow Wildcats!


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  • Meet Teacher

    What an exciting time of year!


    Shake hands with your new teacher on Friday, August 11, from 9:00-9:30 AM


    Pick up registration packets beginning 8:30 AM


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  • Leadership meeting Students: Mark your calendar for the one and only Prospective Candidate Meeting.


    Wednesday, August 23, 12:50 PM, Media Center


    Leadership Application for grade 4,5,6 students is now online (Students  >  Student Leadership)


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  • Wickman's First Spirit Day of the Year

    College Day!

    Thursday, August 31, 2017



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  • Please see the link at the left (and also under "Parents" above) for flyers regarding Student Activities (Scouts, ChessMasters, etc.) and Health and Welfare concerns.




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  • Elementary Standards Based Grade Reporting began last year. If you would like to read about the change from Traditional Grading please visit https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/Page/15701 (District site).


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