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     Standards Based Report Cards
    for Chino Valley Unified School District Grades Kindergarten through Sixth
    Beginning 2016-2017 
    You just heard the news: Chino Valley elementary schools are issuing standards based (rubric-scored) report cards in 2016-2017. What does this mean to you? 
  • Goals of Our Standards-Based Report Card System
    1.      Clarify and reinforce consistent, high expectations for all students and schools.
    2.      Help teachers, students, and families focus on the standards throughout the school year.
    3.      Provide specific feedback on progress toward mastering the standards so students, families, and teachers can work together to set meaningful goals for improvement. 
    Traditional report cards usually assign one grade for reading, one for math, one for science and so on. On a standards-based report card, each of these subject areas is divided into a list of skills and knowledge that students are responsible for learning. Students receive a separate mark for each standard/standard group.
    These achievement marks indicate a child's progress toward meeting specific grade-level standards. Students' proficiency is reported separately from their efforts to participate, be resourceful, cooperative, etc. 
    As students move through the school year, they are introduced to and practice grade-level standards. Teachers determine benchmark moments at which proficiency can be expected, and develop assessments specifically for each standard or group of standards. Teachers also design clear rubrics and introduce these expectations to students. These rubrics are the "scoring" tool that determine marks. The most recent "scores" are the most important.
    Fixed Mindset - People believe their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits; brains and talent alone create success.
    Growth Mindset - People believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work; brains and talent are just the starting point.
    "Students' mindsets - how they perceive their abilities - play a key role in their motivation and achievement, and...if we change students' mindsets, we (can) boost their achievement." (Dweck 2015)
    With standards-based grading, students are able to practice their mastery of standards without concern that imperfect practice work will drag down their grades. Only summative assessments are included in the gradebook. In addition, teachers and students work together to reflect and evaluate lessons, reteach, and reassess for proficiency. In this way, the Growth Mindset facilitates motivation, optimism, and a love of learning.