•   Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
    The Chino Valley Unified School district offers instructional programs for students who qualify for gifted and talented education (GATE). All students in grade two are screened for GATE eligibility unless parents/guardians decline screening. Students in grades three through eight may be considered by an educator or parent for possible GATE eligibility.  A school staff member then screens the student(s).

     GATE programs are provided for students meeting a specific set of criteria which qualifies them to participate in qualitatively different curricular experiences designed to recognize and nurture the special gifts and talents of individual students using depth, complexity, novelty, and/or accelerating the core curriculum.  Elementary program options include participation in cluster classes, or part-time groupings in the regular classroom.  At the secondary level, GATE identified students may participate in honors classes, advanced placement classes, acceleration, leadership experiences, and/or opportunities to attend classes on a college campus.

    Enrichment In addition to the differentiated daily curriculum, GATE programs may be augmented by part-time pull-outs, before and after school opportunities, or Saturday enrichment activities.  Enrichment opportunities may develop in the form of an after school academic competition team at the elementary or junior high school levels. These activities should be related to the core curriculum and provide opportunities for GATE students to work together on advanced learning activities.


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