Welcome to the Curriculum, Instruction, Innovation, and Support (CIIS) website!
    CIIS is a team of educators whose mission is to support school staff to provide a fantastic education for the students of Chino Valley Unified School District. 
    CIIS is facilitated by Norm Enfield, Ed. D. Deputy Superintendent.
    The following departments are part of CIIS:


    • Access and Equity: ext. 1330

      • Director: Mary Salcido


    • Alternative Education: ext. 5300

      • Director: Preston Carr, Ed. D.


    • Assessment: ext. 1640

      • Director: Rosie Zim Hoang, Ed. D.


    • Curriculum:

      • Elementary: ext. 1335

        • Director: Daniel Sosa

      • Secondary: ext. 1630

        • Director: Julian Rodriguez, Ed. D.


    • Professional Development: ext. 1668

      • Director: Grace Lee


    • Technology and Information Services: ext. 1350

      • Director: Maggie Bunten


    CIIS logo created by Carrier Barker - Ruben S. Ayala High School