• Counseling
    Helping you achieve your best is our goal!

  • At Canyon Hills Junior High, we have a fantastic staff of counselors ready and eager to assist our Coyotes and their families. Take a moment to meet each counselor and familiarize yourself with their speciality. Together, we can maintain a fun, safe, and successful learning environment!

  • Counselor 1

    Ms. Brown
    Intervention Counselor

    Hi, my name is Ms. Brown and I am thrilled to welcome our Coyotes to the new school year! As the school counselor at Canyon Hills, I am here to encourage, motivate, and cheer alongside our students in their journey through junior high. My office is a warm, cheerful, and safe place where all students are welcome!

  • Counselor 2

    Mr. Smith
    Intervention Counselor

    Hello Canyon Hills Coyotes! My name is Mr. Smith and I am beyond excited to join the pack as one of your counselors this year. My philosophy is long-term achievement is the product of day-to-day work, and I'm here to offer my support to help you make each day count! Coping skills, self-care, emotional/social wellness, and mental health don't come as a size fits all. I'm privileged to be in a position where I can support student sucess by helping each Coyote discover what works best for them and then nurturing those skills. Thank you for inviting me on your journey!

  • Counselor 3

    Ms. Johnson
    Intervention Counselor

    It's a brand new school year, Coyotes, and I'm excited to return to campus to continue our exciting work together. If you ever need a friend in your corner, just know that I'm here for you! My role is not only to provide academic guidance while facilitating parent/teacher connections, but my goal is to be a valuable asset that students engage with to reach their highest potential. My door is always open, my listening ears are always active, and my enthusiasm never takes a vacation. Stop by whenever you need!