• Acceptance of Coursework for the Following Students:

    Foster Youth, Homeless Youth, Former Juvenile Court School, Migratory or Students in a Newcomer Program, or Student of a Military Family

    (EC 51225.1, EC 51225.2, EC 51225.3, AR 6173, AR 6173.1, AR 6173.2) 

    The District shall accept and issue full credit for any coursework that the foster youth, homeless student, former juvenile court school student or student of a military family has satisfactorily completed while attending another public school, a juvenile court school, or a nonpublic, nonsectarian school or agency and shall not require the student to retake the course. If the entire course was not completed, he/she shall be issued partial credit for the coursework completed and the student shall be required to take the portion of the course that he/she did not complete at his/her previous school. However, the District may require the student to retake the portion of the course completed if, in consultation with the educational rights holder for the student, the District finds that the student is reasonably able to complete the requirements in time to graduate from high school. Whenever partial credit is issued to a foster youth, homeless student, former juvenile court school student or student of a military family he/she shall be enrolled in the same or equivalent course, if applicable, so that he/she may continue and complete the course. In no event, shall the District prevent a foster youth, homeless student, former juvenile court school student or student of a military family from taking or retaking a course to meet the eligibility requirements to the California State University or the University of California. A complaint of noncompliance with the requirements of this section may be filed with the District under the Uniform Complaint Procedures.