• Student Support Services
    Stephanie Johnson, Director

    Antonia Hunt, Ed.D.
    Coordinator of Equity, Diversity, and Support Systems

    Title IX Coordinator

    District Coordinator for Nondiscrimination Regarding Student-On-Student Complaints


  • Bullying/Cyberbullying

    The District recognizes the harmful effects of bullying on student learning and school attendance and desires to provide safe school environments that protect students from physical and emotional harm while promoting mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance. District employees shall establish student safety as a high priority and shall not tolerate bullying, intimidation or harassment of any student whether it be direct or indirect through words or actions. No individual or group of individuals, regardless of disability, gender, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, immigration status, or any other characteristic, shall through physical, written, verbal, electronic or other means, harass, sexually harass, threaten, intimidate, retaliate, cyberbully, cause bodily injury to, or commit hate violence against any other student or school personnel.

    Bullying is characterized by aggression used within a relationship where the aggressor(s) has more real or perceived power than the target, and the aggression is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying can involve overt physical behavior or verbal, emotional, or social behaviors and can range from blatant aggression to far more subtle and covert behaviors.

    Cyberbullying, or bullying through electronic technology, includes the creation or transmission of harassing communications, offensive text messages or e-mails, rumors or embarrassing photos posted on social media, direct threats, or other harmful texts, sounds, or images on the Internet, or other technologies using a telephone, computer, or any wireless communication device. Cyberbullying also includes breaking into another person's electronic account and assuming the person's identity in order to damage that person's reputation or friendships. (See also, Discipline section.)

    Students are encouraged to notify any school employee when they are being bullied or suspect that another student is being victimized. Any student who engages in bullying on school premises, or off campus, in a manner that causes or is likely to cause a substantial disruption of a school activity or school attendance, shall be subject to disciplinary action, which may include suspension or expulsion, in accordance with BP 5131.2. Any complaint of bullying, whether it is discriminatory or non-discriminatory, shall be investigated and resolved in accordance with law and the District's Site-Level Grievance Procedure specified in AR 5145.7.

    A student who has been determined by CVUSD personnel to have been the target of an act of bullying shall, at the request of the person having legal custody of the student, be given priority to attend another school, even in another district. Placement at a requested school is contingent upon space availability. Transfer request applications are available at Student Support Services.