Fun Club

  • The Fun Club is an on campus, before and after school childcare and enrichment program for kindergarten through sixth grade children enrolled in and attending a Chino Valley Unified School District elementary school program.  Our Fun Clubs provide a safe and enriching environment where children can receive homework assistance, explore their own unique interests through enrichment activities and receive a nutritious snack after school.
  • Enrichment Activities
    Each month activities are planned that focus on a variety of subjects, such as; math, science, reading, music, art and literature.  Fun Club strives to provide an opportunity for children to learn through hands-on activities.
    Outdoor Recreational Activities
    Using SPARK curriculum, students engage in a variety of outdoor team building, recreational activities on a regular basis.  The SPARK after school philosophy: Include ALL youth, actively engage ALL youth, and instill the love of lifelong movement in ALL youth.
    Free Choice Activities
    We're called Fun Club for a reason!!  Children need time to play, relax and celebrate their achievements and Fun Club helps them do that!  We have a variety of free choice activities for children to choose from.  Children truly have FUN at Fun Club!
    Homework Assistance
    An integral part of the enrichment program provided at the Fun Club is homework assistance.  To help your child achieve school success, a one-hour daily homework period is provided.   Fun Club is not a homework completion program.
    The homework assistance guidelines are as follows:
    1. Homework will be spot-checked for accuracy, neatness and completeness by a Fun Club staff member.  Parents are responsible to thoroughly check homework for accuracy and completion each evening;
    2. One hour is provided for homework, after which a child may voluntarily choose to continue working; however, assistance for a teacher or aide is very limited due to the schedule of activities;
    3. Staff may direct questions regarding the child's homework to his/her school teacher for clarification.  Staff maintain the support of teachers and the school curriculum;
    4. Children are not permitted to return to the classroom for questions or forgotten items.  Please remind your child to come to the center prepared;
    5. To assist all children equally with homework, Fun Club staffs do not provide one-on-one homework assistance;
    6. Staff are not responsible for ensuring homework is turned in to the school teacher.
    Fun Club is staffed with caring adults who meet the No Child Left Behind requirements.  All staff hold a minimum of 6 Early Childhood Education college-level units and all head teachers hold a Child Development Permit.
    Parent Involvement
    Parent involvement is important to the success of our center and to the success of our children.  Fun Club maintains an open door policy so parents may freely visit the center at any time to observe or join in the fun.  Many opportunities exist for parent involvement.  Contact your Fun Club head teacher for ways you can get involved at Fun Club. 
    Afternoon Snack
    Fun Club provides a nutritious after school snack to every child in attendance.  We follow the nutrition guidelines set forth by the Chino Valley Unified School District Board Policy.  We ask that parents notify us if their child has any food allergies.  An alternate snack will be provided to any child with allergies.
    All snacks are served "family style", meaning we all sit down and eat together.  Family meal times are beneficial to your child's physical, mental, behavioral, social and educational development.  
  • Fun ClubEnrichment Activities
    Outdoor Recreational Activities
    Enrichment Activities

    Enrichment Activities
    Outdoor Recreational Activities
    Enrichment Activities
    Fun Club