• Fun Club Discipline Guidelines

    All students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and to follow all school and program rules.  Appropriate behavior includes proper language and respect for all people and property.  Disruption of the program may result in subsequent dismissal from the Fun Club program.  If equipment is destroyed or damaged due to inappropriate behavior, the parent/guardian will be held responsible for all costs incurred.

    Staff utilizes positive discipline procedures to correct inappropriate behavior.  They are designed to be fair, consistent, and effective. These include a problem-solving approach, redirection, reflection, warning, and assertive discipline.

    The following progressive steps will be followed by Fun Club staff to respond to inappropriate behavior:

    Step 1 Problem Solving: Staff will listen to the students involved to clarify the problem and discuss ideas for solutions, and, if needed, offer follow-up support.

    Step 2 WarningOne verbal warning will be given, specifically informing the student of inappropriate behavior that needs to change and/or stop and the consequences if inappropriate behavior continues. Follow-up support will be provided.

    Step 3 Parent/Guardian Notification: After the second verbal warning is given to the student, the parent/guardian will be notified of the student's inappropriate behavior verbally and in writing through use of the Student Conduct Notice form.

    Step 4 Behavior Support Plan: After the second Student Conduct Notice form, the parent, Child Development Teacher, and Coordinator will hold a meeting to create a written agreement requiring specific behavior for the student to continue in the program.

    Step 5 Suspension: A continuation of inappropriate behavior will result in a suspension. The amount of

    days suspended will be decided at the discretion of the Coordinator. Parents/guardians are

    expected to pick up their students immediately.


    Step 6 Termination: When a student presents a real danger to other students and/or staff, there will be an          

    immediate termination from the program.  A third suspension may also result in termination from the Fun Club program.

    Please Note: One or more steps in the progressive discipline process may be skipped at the discretion of the Coordinator in situations considered an emergency or extreme disruption to the program.

    The following inappropriate behavior may result in an immediate suspension from the Fun Club Program as determined by the Coordinator.

    • Willful defiance of staff’s authority
    • Conduct that disrupts the orderly classroom or school environment
    • Damage to or theft of property belonging to the district, staff, or students
    • Possession and/or usage of objects as weapons
    • Assaults, fighting, hitting, and aggressive behavior
    • Leaving designated areas without program staff permission
    • Humiliation of others, put-downs, name calling, bullying and harassment

    Note: All incidents of alleged bullying and harassment will be addressed using the District’s formal complaint process.