• Fun Club Tuition Policies
    Tuition must be paid in advance.  All tuition payments are due on or before the 1st of the month, whether the child is present or not.  It is not the responsibility of staff to inform or remind parents of their obligation to keep their account current.  Parents are responsible to ensure their account remains current at all times.  The Office of Child Care and Development reserves the right to terminate accounts that are not current.
    Tuition fees paid in the form of check or money order are accepted at the Fun Club. We are now accepting payments online at www.ezchildtrack.com/chinovalley. Tuition fees paid in the form of cash are only accepted at the Office of Child Care and Development.
    Please note the following tuition payment policies:
    1. Post-dated checks will not be accepted;
    2. All checks and money orders must be made payable to CVUSD or Chino Valley Unified School District, in blue or black ink only;
    3. Only pre-printed checks will be accepted;
    4. All tuition fees must be paid in full; 
    5. When the monthly tuition fee is not received in full by the 1st of the month, a penalty fee of $25 for past due payment will automatically be applied to your account;
    6. Missing one month's tuition payment may warrant immediate termination from the program;
    7. Tuition fees are not adjusted for days Fun Club is closed;
    8. Tuition fees will not be waived for any unexpected absences, regardless of the circumstances.
    Parents can access their Fun Club account online at www.ezchildtrack.com/chinovalley.  Parents must contact the Office of Child Care and Development upon initial log in.
    Pages 9-11, 2019-2020 Fun Club Parent Handbook
  • 2019-2020 Fun Club Tuition Schedule

    Tuition fees are monthly.  A $40 second child discount rate applies to children enrolled in 5 or 4 days a week only.  AMK is defined as a kindergarten student attending a morning kindergarten class.  The Office of Child Care and Development does not provide childcare for kindergarten students attending an afternoon kindergarten class.

Program 5 Days a Week 4 Days a Week 3 Days a Week 2 Days a Week
After School Only (AMK) $410 $350 $280 $220
Before & After School (AMK) $470 $400 $325 $255
Before School Only (AMK-6th) $285 $225 $180 $130
After School Only (1st-6th) $370 $310 $250 $200
Before & After School (1st-6th) $430 $370 $300 $230
  • Additional Fees
    Additional fees may be applied to your account based on late payments, late pick-ups, your child's attendance sheets, etc.  You will be financially responsible for any and all additional fees applied to your account.
Fee Amount
Change of Contract $25 per Change of Contract
Emergency Day $35 per day, per child
Enrollment Fee $50 per child or $75 per family
Late Change of Contract $20
Late Pick-Up $20 per 15 minutes, per child
Past Due Payment $25 per past due payment
Returned Checks $20 per returned check