2015-2016 School Supply List

    Welcome to Third Grade!  My name is Mrs. Johnson and I am excited to be returning to teach 3rd grade this year.  Our college is Boston College, Home of the Eagles.  Our class colors are maroon and yellow so I am asking each child to please wear a shirt that is either of these colors to show our class unity every Monday.  If you are interested in purchasing a Boston College shirt to wear on Mondays the following are online sites have reasonable prices: www.amazon.com and http://www.bkstr.com/bostoncollegestore/shop/apparel-and-accessories/kids/youth. Our school spirit day will be every Friday, I am asking that each  purchase a school shirt from the PTA, if possible. 


     As you are probably aware, there have been significant budget cuts to education.  Without a doubt, our classroom supply budget will be impacted.  One enjoyable back to school activity for children is to go shopping for brand new school supplies.  They love browsing the store aisles and proudly bringing to school their brand new school supplies.  Right now is the time to buy school supplies as they are on sale at many local stores. 


                I am requesting that the supplies that are on the list be inside a pencil box and brought to school no later than the fifth school day, Monday, August 31st.  (You may send them in early!!!)  Throughout the school year, ask your child how his/her school supplies are holding up, and please keep their pencil boxes stocked.  So my recommendation is for you to take advantage of the back-to-school sales and really stock up.  Keep these extra supplies at home and replace when necessary.


                In school, I  will supply the following:  homework agenda, writing journal, construction paper, paints, art, and craft supplies.  I  will also keep “loaner” pencils, scissors, and a large basket of old crayons.  Finally, I  would like to appeal to your generosity and request classroom donations.  Any little bit of help from you would be greatly appreciated.  Think of our classroom when you “find” major bargains on the following items:


    Donation Wish List for our classroom:

    • washable  markers and dry erase markers
    • Lined paper (wide rule)
    • Tissues
    • Lysol wipes
    • #2 pencils
    • Stickers
    • Printer paper
    • plug in air freshners





    School Supplies


    1. a durable backpack preferably not on wheels!!!
    2. 1 inch three ring binder with a clear view cover on the front and back (THIS IS REQUIRED) pick up two because they may need a new one as year goes on
    3. a dozen #2 pencils
    4. small kid size scissors
    5. 2 glue sticks
    6. 2  highlighters
    7. 1 box of colored pencils
    8. pencil sharpener with a cap to catch the shavings
    9. washable markers (thin or thick or both would be even better!)

    10.  large eraser

    1. 2 red pens
    2. 2 expo dry erase markers ( preferably blue or black and thin ones)
    3. Old sock to erase dry erase boards
    4. one pencil box to fit supplies
    5. 2 packs of loose leaf paper wide ruled
    6. 4 single subject spiral notebooks



    Ideal but not required


    1. some children prefer to use mechanical pencils, we are perfectly fine with that and at times prefer them; however, all mechanical pencils must be 0.9 or .07 lead.  I prefer 0.9 as it doesn’t break as easily.  Please make sure they have plenty of lead.  Buy it now since it is on sale and store at home for the remainder of the year.
    2. Flash drive to store reports and work completed in the computer lab



    Please, absolutely

    NO pens (other than 2 red ones)

    NO permanent markers like Sharpie (keep all permanent markers at home)

    NO pencils with fancy, distracting toppers

    NO calculators

    NO glitter or glue pens

    NO stickers or glitter glue

    NO uncapped pencil sharpeners


    I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday, August 24th promptly at 8:40 am.  My email is Traci_Johnson@chino.k12.ca.us


  • This is a great tool I use to text quick announcements and reminders to my parents  and students.  Once you enroll no one can see your phone number, not even me, it is just set up to recieve my messages.  It is very simple to join and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do so.   It is ok if both parents or any guardian to join.

    1. enter this number to send a text message  81010

    2  text this message    @bost

    3. you will get a message to type your name, please put your name and student's name in (    )

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