• To download your Science Fair Project Report template, look in the left column, about halfway down.
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    In the left column you'll find all of the documents relating to the science fair project.  To help you with typing the report, you can download our template that has a heading for every page for your child's report.  They can absolutely customize the font and the size to make it their own!  
    Would you rather do a "Design/Engineering" project?  Can you take an existing product and make it better? Would you like to invent something and make it be the best it can be?  This is the perfect time for you to experiment with your ideas!    Check out the resources in the center column for how to conduct an Engineering Project.  Please note that these projects can be costly - be sure to check with your parents to set a budget for your project.
    In the right column, there are a lot of links to great websites that will help inspire your child as they work on the steps of their science fair project. Be sure to check out the quick videos! 
    *Keep in mind, many resources direct students to follow the Scientific Method: Topic, Problem/Question, Research, Hypothesis, etc...  We are encouraging students to use an "Inquiry-Based" model, where students select the Topic, come up with the Problem/Question, etc but they don't do their Research until AFTER they have done their experiment.  They will be testing things out, and then afterwards they do the research to learn WHY they got the results that they did.