EPIC! Book Reading for Accelerated Reader Assignments

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    This is a GREAT way to read books, get points, and build your reading skills!  I expect children to read, or be read to, a minimum of two books per week.  Students earn points, and, possibly, will receive incentives, this year, for different levels of points.
    As you all know, reading is a vital academic skill that students must develop.  Children should read, or be read to a minimum of 20 minutes each day, to build these skills. If you are reading to your child, ask him/her what happened in the story, who are the characters in the story, where the story took place, if there was a problem that had to be solved, etcetera.  Ask comprehension questions. Ask your child what s/he thinks will happened next.  Ask what s/he would do in certain situations that may arise in the story.  Ask questions about any interesting details in the story.  Make it fun!  Laugh, be amazed, say, "Wow!"  See if there are any sight or spelling words in the story.  For beginning readers, ask them where they start reading on the pages, in which direction they begin to read.  When you get to the end of the line, ask, Where do I read, now?  And refer to going back to the left as using the, "return sweep."  Ask your child to show you a capital/lower case letter, a punctuation mark, point to the characters, setting, etcetera. 
    I will be able to go in to your child's account and see how he/she did and print up copies of his/her progress, for our records/grading/information.
    As always, thank you so much for supporting your child's learning at home, whether they come to school, physically, or virtually!