• Welcome to Kindergarten 2024-2025!

    I am so glad you visited my page, today!  I am sure you are as excited as I am to launch the new school year and soar!  We will learn SO much, this year and have a great time in the process!  Here are a few reminders, so we have a smooth Kindergarten experience:

    • Please remember to label all your child's belongings: water bottles, coats, sweaters, jackets, hats, lunch containers, lunch pails, crayon boxes(each crayon, each glue stick, each pencil), pencil boxes, and other items you don't want to be lost.  If your child leaves an item for more than a week (unless s/he is ill, or out of school for that week), we have to put those items in the Lost and Found.  Check with the Office for the location of the Lost and Found cart, if your child has lost an item.
    • Please completely fill out and return all forms the school and I send home.

    * Study the 100 Kindergarten Sight Words.  Your child should learn to read at least one color list per month.  There are ten lists.  The first list is the Green List.  I will test your child about every 2 weeks to monitor their progress.  It is very important that your child knows how to read the words and, after New Years, for your child to know how to use those words in their writing.  It averages to about one word list per month, that your child should learn. If your child can learn more than that, wonderful!  Knowing the words will make the transition to First Grade that much easier, as there is even more reading, and writing there!  Once your child has read all the words, s/he will receive a very nice certificate from me and a $5.00 WalMart gift card! 

    *Remember that Kindergarten arrival is at 7:50 and dismissal is at 11:30 (we will close the gate at 8:00).  If your child arrives after the gate closes, please check in at the Office and a secretary will bring your child to our classroom.  Minimum days are Thursdays from 7:50-11:30.  There are other minimum days.  I will let you know when those will be.  Please check in regularly with the school's website for other special activities and special information that you might need to know. 

    • Your child needs his/her crayons at school.  Please explain to your child that their pencil box must stay at school at all times.  If your child needs work tools at home, please purchase a second set.  I prefer that homework pictures be colored and directions to be followed when doing homework.  Coloring exercises the fine motor muscles in their fingers.  This helps with writing his/her name neatly, coloring within the lines, etc...  Your child will need a pencil box with crayons, pencils, glue sticks,  a large pink eraser and a good pair of scissors.  I like Fiskars scissors.  They are great cutting tools.  Please do not send ink pens, permanent markers or hand pencil sharpeners.  Those items are not needed in student pencil boxes, nor in their backpacks. Please write your child's name clearly on each crayon, pencil, glue stick and pair of scissors.  This helps your child to keep track of these items.
    • Snack TIme: We have a 20 minute Recess/Snack Time, each day.  Send only a small, healthy snack that can be eaten in about 10 minutes.  No milk, Gatorade, carbonated beverages, or anything sweet.  Water only. No candy, cookies, super-sized bags.  Your child cannot share food with peers. The second 10 minutes of recess are for using the restroom, drinking water and  playing. 

    * We are very positive, here, in our classroom.  Please praise your child for all the work s/he does.  Please let your child try to do the homework independently. If needed, you can use a highlighter, write letters or numbers, and have your child trace them. Homework is sent out Fridays and is to come back the following Friday, at which time I will give your child the next week's homework. I hope this helps the families that work long hours during the weekdays.

    *Absences If your child is absent from school, please call the Office and let them know the reason for the absence.  For illnesses, please check with the school Nurse to see when it is okay to return your child to school.  Students will have missed assignments in their cubbies, to take home and do, and returned to me once they return to school.  

    *"The Three Bs"  Please review the Three Bs, with your child.  Be respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe.  The school's chant is, "Calling all loyal Aviators, enthusiastically reminding you that the Three Bs is the only way to be:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe!"  Safety is of paramount importance to all Staff at Cal Aero Preserve Academy.  

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at julie_bliss@chino.k12.ca.us, or before/after school, or through Parent Square, in AERIES.  I am here for all of you, 100%, so feel free to contact me anytime for questions or comments.

    Please come back to this page and look for more important information during the school year, for updates, et al.

    Thank you for letting me teach your children this school year!  They are such wonderful 

    Ms. Bliss



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