Welcome to Ms. Bliss's Distance Learning Classroom

                                Beginning August 10, 2020.                                      

    General Expectations During Distance Learning

    • Students should not share their login information, meeting links, or passwords with others
    • School and classroom rules apply to the virtual instruction environment
    • Students who use inappropriate language, share inappropriate images, or in any way behave inappropriately on a video conference will be subject to appropriate discipline


    Expectations for Google Meet Sessions

    • Please join Google Meet 5 minutes before our designated start time
    • If you leave the class early without speaking with me about it), you will be marked absent. 
    • Do NOT watch tv or play games, such as those on cellphones, during class
    • Please be seated at a desk, counter, or table with all textbooks and school supplies
    • Please no eating during our Google Meets. A beverage is fine.
    • Please be dressed and ready to learn as if you were in our actual classroom
    • Remain on "Mute" until the teacher tells you to release your mute button
    • Remember we have the same rules as in the classroom- Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe
    • Raise your hand for asking and answering questions
    • Do not change your background
    • Try to be in a quiet space so that the noise from others does not disturb your focus
    • Please be present and actively listening (ie-not on your phone or doing other activities)
    • We will use respectful words and thoughts throughout the entire session
    • No hand signals or signs to other in the group
    • Absolutely NO RECORDING or PHOTOGRAPHING the Google Meets or activities unless given permission to do so from the district office (it is against the law to record someone without their knowledge)
    • Once the Google Meeting is over, students should be sure to close out the meeting platform entirely by hanging up.