• Dear Kindergarten Families,

    My name is Julie Bliss, and I am happy to be your child's Kindergarten teacher for the 2022-2023 school year! I look forward to an exciting, fun, and productive school year, with your children.  

    One of my many goals is to foster a love of learning, in your child, as we delve into the Kindergarten curriculum and learn as much as possible from the wonderful lessons therein!  Our new TWIG science program is packed with beautiful images and videos, with a lot of work opportunities, that support our language arts program in many ways.

    I hope to inspire a love of hard work that yields good quality products, and provides a deep sense of pride in their work.

    Our District has implemented a PBIS system that promotes being safe, responsible and respectful.  I add the concept of treating others as they want to be treated by them, which is ever-so-important to me, as well. 

    Your child will experience impressive growth, in Kindergarten, where s/he will learn many new and wonderful concepts in language arts, math, science, social studies, as well as fine-tuning their social skills, social responsibility and independence.

    Clear communication and working together will help your child have the best year possible.  I am very accessible, and welcome comments, questions and suggestions you may have. 

    Homework is a very important part of school, including Kindergarten.  I will appreciate your home-support of homework, academic goals, and any behavioral issues that may arise.  

    Feel free to email me at julie_bliss@chino.k12.ca.us, or phone me, at the number I will provide in a hard copy note that I will send home to you.

    Here's to a wonderful year of Kinderarten 2022-2023!


    Julie Bliss

    P.S. Check back, from time-to-time, for updates, and new announcements.  I will be adding pages, as the year progresses, and there is information you need to know.


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