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                              Welcome to K-3 Intervention Distance Learning Classroom 

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    Chaparral, and schools in the Chino Valley School District, will remain closed to in-person learning and teaching for the remainder of the 2019/2020 school year.  Once direction from the District is provided, arrangement for retrieval of personal items will be arranged by the school administration, and families will be notified when personal-item pick up and return of borrowed technology and items will occur.

                                      Distance Learnning Goals for Lexia program: Please continue to meet your weekly goals:

                                                Weekly minutes: 60Goal Clip Art Free Weekly units: 12

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             I'll continue to monitor student progress.  Please email any questions to the contact information below.

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                                                                         Virtual Office Hours: M-F 12 AM-2PM



     Intervention Class                                                           succeed                                                                                                

         Ms. Gomez - Room C-25                                                                                                  
                                                Welcome to Intervention K-3. This class is designed to assist students needing extra help in the areas of English Language Arts and Math. My goal, as a teacher, is to instruct, encourage, and empower students by leading them to discover that anything is possible if one is willing try. By way of one's own efforts and small successes, students will grow to believe in themselves and realize their potential with "I Can" becoming their mantra! 
              With a positive learning environment, consistency and support from home, this goal can be a reality, and I look forward to being part of the team that helps make this possible.